SET OF 8 – Amber Arctic Essential Oil Kit – 100% Pure Organic Plant Oils – [Rose, Jasmine, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Frankincense, Lavender & Rosemary.

AMBER ARCTIC offers premium grade, 100% Pure natural, Aromatherapy Essential Oils, without fillers ensuring the purity and the safety of each essential oil and fit for any season.

Wild Rose Oil has a deep sweet and flowery aroma. Best known for its therapeutic properties for emotional health and skin problems.

Jasmine has a warm, exotic and floral fragrance that relaxes, soothes, uplifts and enhances self-confidence.

Vetiver’s pleasant, strong earthy, woody and smoky scent will help calm the mind for a good nights sleep.

Sandalwood protects your skin from free radicals with anti-ageing nutrients.

Chamomile Essential Oil nourishes your hair for a natural healthier glow.

Frankincense Oil is rich resinous, pine cone, dry woody, dry pine with a lemony finish and perfect to use with your aroma diffuser.

Lavender Oil has a calming, relaxing effect and many people enjoy diffusing the oil at bedtime or blending it.

Rosemary oil is used to stimulate hair growth and prevent premature graying and dandruff.