SET OF 6 – Asakuki Aromatherapy Essential Oils Pack – [Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Sweet Orange and Peppermint]

Complete Essential Oils Pack: – The ASAKUKI aromatherapy essential oils are made with all-natural plant extracts that are safe and effective for daily use.

Restore Balance and Wellness: – Pair oils with your individual needs to support a relaxed mood, relieve stress or anxiety, promote deeper sleep, purify the air of unpleasant odours, or simply create a calm atmosphere for friends or guests.

Professional-Grade Quality: – This essential oils set is water soluble which means it can be used for therapeutic body massage, creating a serene atmosphere with a diffuser or humidifier or creating DIY soaps, candles or other fun ideas.

Premier Gift Box: – A smart, personal gift that can help someone relax, unwind or refocus –  a great gift for girlfriends, mums Mother’s Day, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.