Are you interested in buying an aroma diffuser for your home? Maybe you’re wanting a relaxing atmosphere after long hours of work? However, how sure are you that you’ll end up with the ideal diffuser for you?

The good thing is that we give you the chance to discover our amazing Urpower Diffuser Review. We want to help you make a smart choice when it comes to purchasing an aroma diffuser for your home. We review the two Urpower diffusers to ensure that you’ll gain significant knowledge about its features, pros or even the cons of this particular product.

People who seek extra relaxation at home are using an essential oil diffuser. Also, a diffuser can be used in offices and other business establishments to create a calming and welcoming feel.

Before we proceed to the top Urpower diffuser, let’s take a look at the things you need to consider when buying an aroma diffuser through our Urpower Diffuser Review.

Things to look for when choosing an Aroma Diffuser

When buying an essential oil diffuser, apart from the brand, you’ll also need to consider crucial product features. This is because each aroma diffuser has its very own unique offerings and features. Thus, you can be sure that the product you’re going to buy will match your individual preferences.

The Strength of the Aroma

  • Do you prefer a diffuser with a gentle aroma or something with a stronger strength? This factor can help you identify the type of aroma diffuser to buy.


  • We recommend opting for an aroma diffuser having an auto shut off feature, or one that can allow you to run at a particular time and increments.

Price Range

  • There are decent aroma diffusers that will provide a cost-effective price range with a long service life. So, before finalising your decision, make sure that the product can offer you a cost-effective solution.

Here we go! Below is the detailed Urpower Diffuser Review providing our top two picks. We hope that it can help you a lot.

#1 URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

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We’ve already heard a lot of amazing things about the URPOWER 500ml and we want to test it to ensure that it provides satisfaction.

We find this aroma diffuser interesting because it offers a 3-in-1 function. You can have an aromatherapy diffuser with a night light and a humidifier. Thus, it provides low maintenance where all you need to do is clean it at least once a week.

URPOWER 500ml comes with a mist control that can be pressed easily. All you need to do is push the button and then select the preferred time like – 60 minutes, 120 minutes, 180 minutes or ON.

When you press the light button, it will automatically turn on the LED light and the colour will change. If you want to change the colour, you can press the button again. Also, you have the opportunity to adjust the intensity of the spray through the high/low control.


In this Urpower Diffuser Review, you will learn the advantages you can get from the essential oil diffuser features.

Advanced Ultrasonic Technology

  • URPOWER 500ml can produce vibrations of 2.4 million times per second frequency that can break essential oils and water into extreme micro-particles, without using heat.

Healthy Living Space

  • Through the high diffusing capacity of the URPOWER 500ml, the quality of the molecular structure of the essential oils will be maintained. Also, it allows users to experience the ease of healthy living.

Large Capacity

  • This essential oil diffuser provides a large water capacity that you can use for up to 10 hours. In addition, if there is no available water or the time is up, it will automatically turn itself off.


In this Urpower Diffuser Review, you will learn that the Urpower 500ml product also comes with drawbacks. While using this product, you will notice that it produces a motor-running sound.

#2 URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

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The next product that we include in this Urpower Diffuser Review is the URPOWER 2nd Version. It provides a simple way in making your room smell better while providing an elegant look, and it’s so easy to use. You can use it as an aroma diffuser, cool mist humidifier and home light.

When using the URPOWER 2nd Version, all you need to do is to effortlessly add 100ml water, together with a few drops of your preferred essential oil, and then you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of your room. It provides you with a handy solution to improve the scent of your space, whilst appreciating the intact scented oils without the use of heat.

Through the humidifier function, you can add moisture to the air. As a result, you can obtain a better and undisturbed sleep. Also, it can help you alleviate your dry sinuses and avoid cough issues.


In this Urpower Diffuser Review, you can figure out the benefits of the URPOWER 2nd Version.

Produces More Mist

  • The new version of the URPOWER essential oil diffuser is known to produce more mist. This means that you can have the perfect way of adding moisture and comfortable air to your bedrooms. Also, it’s ideal for hotel rooms, workplace cubicles, tabletops and other areas.

Complete Safety

  • This essential oil diffuser can provide safe and satisfying results using 100% pure scented oils. Thus, it will not make the variants of essential oils.

Variety of Colours

  • It features a 7-colour changing lamp that you can use as a nightlight. You have the choice of what colour you prefer and you can even program the cycles. Thus, it comes with an auto shut-off feature where it will turn itself off when there is no available water to protect your device.


When using the URPOWER 2nd Version, ensure that you will be using quality essential oil so that you can obtain the best results, and it will keep working well.

There you have it! Through our Urpower Diffuser Review, you can gain a lot of ideas in choosing which device is best for your needs. Remember, products like the essential oil diffuser is a fantastic investment. It can help you in so many ways, like having a relaxing and relieving living space.