Unique and modern, this very popular high-tech Easehold Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser comes in a very attractive sea shell design with a natural grain finish. It’s so easy to use and comes with an Automatic Power Off System for ultimate safety use.

To keep indoor humidity at a pleasant and healthy level, this gorgeous seaside design comes with an effective humidification method for any small room, office or nursery.

This handy 150ml device will humidify and purify the air with your favourite essential oil whilst creating calm and a relaxing atmosphere with its soothing Colour Changing Soft Glow LED Lights.

This gorgeous essential oil aroma diffuser creates a very smooth and fine mist and will circulate every corner of the room to rejuvenate and refresh your mind after a busy day. It has a very Quiet System with a Touch Tone Timing Function and will moisten the air to help you breathe and prevent dry skin.

A superb product!