SET OF 6 – Zen Breeze Essential Oils for Oil Diffuser / 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade – [Sleep, Focus, Breathe, Health, Stress Relief and Relaxation Blends]

100% PURE AND NATURAL: Zen Breeze take great pride in providing 100% pure and natural essential oils. These oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade quality.

PERFECT MIX OF UPLIFTING ESSENTIAL OILS: Prepare for an amazing day or night with the essential oil starter kit that contains a perfect mix of scented oils. It contains sleep, focus, breath, health, stress, and relaxation essential oils.

PERFECT GIFT COLLECTION SET: Delivering peace and bliss to each of those around you is the ideal way of life. Zen Breeze aromatherapy oils are the perfect choice to achieve this. It is ideal for a birthday gift, a Mother’s Day gift or anniversary gift.

MULTI-PURPOSE ESSENTIAL OILS: Enjoy amazing health benefits from the essential oil starter kit anywhere, any time. It is perfect for use in your diffuser at home, office, spa, hotel room, or in your car. There is really no limitation to where you can use them.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Zen Breeze aromatherapy oils help you attain the harmony that you seek.