Shades of Stone Luxurious / Essential Oils Holder Carrying Case / Storage & Display Box for 12 x 15ml bottles / Matching Tray – 100% Onyx Stone [Rustic Brown]

Beautiful and appealing: Not only do these Shades of Stone Oil Holders make your essential oils look more appealing and attractive, but they also add a charming elegant style to your home.

Functional in your entire home: Each stone is designed to hold 12 oils for the purpose of keeping them in multiple rooms, like one in your bedroom on your night stand, in your bathroom, in the kitchen or in your living room for the purpose of having the specific oils in the rooms that they are needed in.

Natural home for your oils: The days of throwing essential oils into your drawers and forgetting about them, looking for a certain oil but quickly giving up because it is to hard to find or storing them in an unpresentable case because we want them easily accessible are all over. The best home for your oils is organised in nature where they came from.

Perfect for professionals: Whether you are a massage therapist, a professional essential oil distributor or teaching an essential oil class, these natural stone oil cases will enhance your working experience by attracting more people to your business and also making your workplace more beautiful.

Onyx is an auspicious stone: The presence of onyx in homes has been known to bring about happy thoughts and calm moments, helps drive away disappointment and sadness, refreshes the mind making it more likely to have better relationships and will instil confidence and a sense of responsibility. These benefits are increased by being in constant contact with the stone.