SET OF 6 – P & J TRADING Premium Graded Scented Oil – Picnic Fragrance Oils Set – [Pink Lemonade, Ambrosia, Watermelon, Cola, Peach, Fresh Cut Grass]

6 – 10ml Glass Amber Bottles with easy dispensing euro dropper (dropper insert in bottle) caps.

Uses include: All Soap Bases, Candle Waxes (works exceptionally well with soy wax), Perfume, Unscented Incense Sticks or Cones, Baths,  Bodycare and Haircare Formulations, Aroma Diffusers, Homemade Cleaning Products or existing Unscented Products.

P & J Premium Grade Fragrance oils are highly concentrated, enhanced formulations designed by their very own master perfumer. With more than 30 years in the industry, the master perfumer is certified by the IFRA.
This glorious Picnic set features 6 premium fragrance oils delivered to you in a beautiful Gift Box.