Natural distillate of Witch Hazel. (Contains Ethanol 14-15% and Hamamelis virginina water 85-86%).

SKINCARE – Perfect for those with oily or combination skin. Can be used as an ingredient in your homemade skincare formulations such as cleansers, toners, skin tonics, creams, and serums.

CLEANSING & TONING – Ideal for cleansing and can be used as a natural toner. Apply a few drops of Witch Hazel to a cotton wool pad and sweep across your face and neck to remove dirt, grime and make up.

AFTER SHAVE – Excellent post shave treatment. Apply a few drops of Witch Hazel to the skin after shaving, to help keep the skin clean and fresh and to help soothe any irritation.

Not tested on animals vegan friendly.