Keep your home fresh and aromatic all day with the Milano Decor Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser & Humidifier, including Essential Oils. The dark wood grain finish with modern design will make a very stylish addition to any room. Perfect for your home or the office. Using ultrasonic technology, this diffuser & Humidifier will gently fill the room with an aromatic mist, so you can enjoy all the benefits of fragrance without the risk of flame burners. This very attractive device is simple to operate and comes with 12 LED lights to assist in creating the perfect mood for any environment. Includes 3 delicious essential oils, so that you can enjoy up to eight hours of sensory soothing mist.

Product Description:

Water Tank Capacity: 160ml 

Features 12 LED colourful lights to create a relaxing mood for any environment.

Fills room with an aromatic mist using ultrasonic technology and eliminating any risk from using flame burners.

This package comes with three different essential oil scents: Kiwi & Lime, Lily & Lotus and Apple & Dewberry

Up to 8 hours of soothing mist with essential oils.

Easy to clean and to operate.

AC plug included.

A Stylish addition to home or office space.