Inspired by nature, this ultrasonic aroma diffuser/humidifier is coated with wood grain finish which makes it look natural and original. Helps you escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Combined with essential oil and water, it emits a gentle mist into the air to ensure every single nutrient is absorbed, allowing you to enjoy aromatherapy anytime. Ultra quiet, it makes sure you sleep comfortably and will effectively kill bacteria and purify the air. The ideal addition to any household/office.

Product Description:

“Mist” – Choose the time from 1 hour/3 hours/6 hours/steady on.
“Light” – Turn on the LED Light, the colour will change automatically. Press the “Light” button again to freeze colour. Press again to change colour – 7 colours available. Bright/Dim option.
Product Dimensions: 6.6×6.6×6.6×4.75 in
Capacity of water tank: 300ml
Product Net Weight: 14.4oz
Advanced Ultrasonic Technology: 2.4MHZ
Working time: up to 10 hours
Input power: AC100-240V 50/60HZ