HEALTREE 100ML –  Jojoba Oil (Virgin Grade Australian 100% Pure & Natural Cold Pressed) for Skincare, Scalp & Hair Care, Face Moisturiser, Body Massage, mix with Essential Oils.

A stable multitasker – Jojoba is another unique local plant of Australia and it gained its popularity due to acting as a natural skin conditioner. Jojoba oil is the most permeable oil, very easy to penetrate and refresh the skin without feeling greasy. It can repair skin elasticity, relieve the skin lines, hydrate and nourishes the skin. Meanwhile, it can balance oily skin secretion and help to cleanse pores.

100% Pure essential oils – Healtree only offer authentic 100% Pure essential oils NOT diluted, NOT made with synthetic ingredients.

HEALTREE Australia offers comprehensive selections of the highest purity and quality products and insist on using traditional physical methods to extract essential oils.

100% Natural ingredient – All Healtree essential oils and carrier oil is made with single ingredient without any additive and preservative.

Possible benefit and Uses: Oil Control & Pores; Moisturising; Brightening