HEALTREE 100ML –  Grape Seed Carrier Oil (100% Pure & Natural Cold Pressed) – Perfect for Hair Care, Skincare, Body Massage, mix with Essential Oils – Made in Australia.

More than just food! – Grape seed oil is more than just food, traditionally used in cooking and cosmetics. The Cold Pressed grape seed oil contains many beneficial aspects, including anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Other than cosmetic, it is often used in hair care because it is ideal for moisturising and conditioning dry hair.

100% Pure essential oils – Healtree only offer the authentic 100% Pure essential oils NOT diluted, NOT made with synthetic ingredient.

HEALTREE Australia offers comprehensive selections of the highest purity and quality products and insist on using traditional physical methods to extract essential oils.

Possible benefit and Uses: Tightens skin wrinkles and reduces scars, prevents acne and skin aging, balances the skin and restores collagen, relieves dark circles under eyes, and a wonderful hair care treatment.