HEALTREE 100ML –  Evening Primrose Oil – (Organic Virgin Grade), 100% Pure Natural Cold Pressed, Perfect for Skin Care, Moisturising, Brightening, Facial & Body Massage or mix with Essential oils. 

Evening Primrose oil is rich in essential fatty acids, especially gamma- linolenic acid, which is important for regulating many of the enzyme activities in the body and also very beneficial for sensitive and inflamed skin conditions.

100% Pure essential oil – Healtree only offer the authentic 100% Pure essential oil NOT diluted , NOT made with synthetic ingredients.

Proudly 100% Australian owned and made – Healtree is a brand born in Melbourne, Victoria and proudly support the local community by making their product locally to ensure the quality and authenticity.

100% Natural ingredient – All Healtree essential oil and carrier oil is made with single ingredient without any additive and preservative.

Possible benefit and Uses: Adjust the imbalance of hormones, prevent acne, heal eczema, control hair loss, moisturise the skin, reduce redness, relieve psoriasis and pigmentation, brighten the skin and anti-aging.