SET OF 6 – Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy Kit – Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Rose. 

100% pure and natural – aromatherapy essential oils can make people confident, optimistic, clear-cut and focused. Lavender helps sleep and peace of mind. Tea tree promotes mental strength and calm. Peppermint makes thinking clear and focused. Lemongrass can eliminate tension and anxiety. Orange promotes optimism and peace. Rose relaxes your body and mind.

This product is certified vegan, ethically sourced, non gmo, gluten free, hexane free and cruelty free.

Pairing with diffuser, humidifier, vaporiser or an air freshener will improve air quality. One or two drops of the oil will make your diffuser distribute a glorious aroma when they’re in use. It can be used for different occasions, such as Home, Office, Yoga, Gym, Exhibitions, Travelling, Home, Office, Car etc.

You will surprise your family and friends by sending them this perfect gift, with combined package and beautiful design.