SET OF 6 – Beard Oil Sample Pack Conditioning Oil for Beards, Goatee + Mustache / Scented Softener essential for beard [Gun Smoke, Spice Route, Diamond Mines, Silver Sultan, Million Hairs and Silicon Valley]

BEARD CARE BEARD OIL WILL MAKE YOUR BEARD SOFT AND SMELL GREAT: It will hydrate, lock in moisture and bring life back in to your Beard hair. Most problems start from a dry beard and skin beneath, sometimes causing fall outs and thinning. Through proven trial Beard Care oil promotes re-hydration, minimizes split ends and breakage. Hydrating the skin decreases “beard ruff” and itchy irritation.

AFTER YOUR FIRST APPLICATION YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Our customers say after the first application the smell and look are amazing. We guarantee you won’t change after purchasing the Beard Care range of beard oils. How you care for your beard makes a difference. A good Shampoo, Conditioner and Beard oil is the key routine for cleaning, hydrating and locking in the moisture.

LONGER, STRONGER, HEALTHY HYDRATED BEARD HAIR: Applying beard oil to a dry and brittle beard will add strength and allow each beard hair to reach a longer length without split ends or breaking when grooming. The non-greasy mixture of high-quality ingredients will be absorbed and last for up to 24 hours before you need to reapply. Formulated to suite every type of beard, the Care Beard Oils will be part of your Daily routine and we look forward to being with you on your beard journey.