CRUSH ON LIFE 550ML – Essential Oil Diffuser – Ultrasonic Home Fragrance Aroma Air Diffuser/Humidifier – Aromatherapy – 7 Colour LED Mood Light

BPA-Free Material & Waterless Auto Shut-off Aromatherapy Diffuser:  This essential oil diffuser has a large capacity of 550ml which can last more than 20 hours under continuous mist mode, 7 different LED Changing lights, Multiple Mist Nebulizer Modes, as well as a Safety Auto-Switch that prevents it from overheating, in case it runs out of water.

Large Mist & Quiet Ultrasonic Diffuser:  Uses a generation ultrasonic vibrator, circuit board and electric components to keep the noise level very low and produces more mist to meet humidification requirements. 

Great Gift for Everyone:  With the arrival of winter, the weather gets dry. This aroma diffuser helps to purify and humidify the air which improves the air quality and adds moisture for Dry Cough, Sinus Irritation and Dry Skin. Meanwhile, add your favourite therapeutic essential oil for health and mood. This compact wood grain design matches well with all kinds of furniture. The perfect addition to decorate your Living Room, Bed Room, Kitchen, Yoga Studio, Office Desk.