AROMACARE 1000ML – LARGE Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser & Humidifier for Office/Surgery/Home with slim and sleek design.

This very professional looking essential oil diffuser is ideal for any environment. Works like a charm with your favourite essential oil covering 1000 square feet in minutes, on high setting.

Compact, quiet and perfect for people who are sensitive to noise.

Better Coverage with greater Mist Output:  300ml/h mist output and 5L water tank. This wonderful ultrasonic device can humidify the air in your room in just minutes, and last for over 10 hours.

Easy Top-Fill Operation: The Aromacare Humidifier is designed with user friendly operation so that you can carry the water tank with the handle and add the water on the top directly, with complete ease. With a detachable water tank and top fill design, you don’t have to move the complete diffuser which makes refilling a breeze.

Touch Control Panel & Smart Humidity Sensor: The Relative Humidity Indicator on the display will help you keep tabs on your surroundings. Choose the humidity as per your need (30 %RH,45 %RH,60 %RH) and it will allow the humidifier to self-manage its mist output based on surrounding humidity.

Step Simple Operation: 1. Lift up the cap on the diffuser. 2. Fill the water tank with tap water, add your favourite essential oil and put the cap back on.  3. Connect the humidifier to power source. Then, choose your desired mode AND ENJOY!

The Aromacare humidifier can humidify the air in your rooms in minutes and, last for over 10 hours. With easy to fill operation, this device is designed with 100% user friendly operation.

An Oily House is a Happy House!