Plant Therapy Nova Fuse USB Diffuser

Heaven Scent…

This stunning Plant Therapy diffuser with contemporary design will complement any decor and vaporise your essential oils for enjoyment and healthy living. With convenient features, this model emits 269 square feet of aroma coverage, and two Timer Settings so that you can choose how long to diffuse. You can select 5+ hours of continuous mist or 10+ hours of intermittent mist. All this with the peace of mind that your ultrasonic aroma diffuser will shut off automatically when the water tank is too low.

Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 15.2 x 17.8 cm. Your choice of colour is Black or White.

The Nova Fuse USB device gently diffuses your favourite essential oils into the by air using ultrasonic technology. This process breaks water and oil up into micro molecules to create a cool and fine mist. Its high tech process maintains the therapeutic benefits of essential oil and is very safe to use when children are around. This is different to the original steam vaporiser that uses heat to turn water into vapour.

How does the Nova Fuse Diffuser work?

Now that you know all about the latest Nova Fuse, you’re probably wondering how it creates a cool, fine mist? This handy device operates with sound waves at an ultrasonic frequency level that is silent to the human ear. This extraordinary process agitates the water that causes the separation of water particles, and turns into negatively charged ions. Once the essential oil is added to the water in the tank, the separation of water particles will be released to purify the air we breathe. How good is that?

The Nova Fuse aroma diffuser is easy to use by simply removing the top cover and adding water with approximately 5 to 8 drops of your favourite essential oil. After you’ve replaced the top cover, connect the device with the USB adaptor or via USB port. Next, turn on the mist button for continuous mist, or press again for intermittent mist. It also comes with a soft LED Night Light with changing colours of white, blue, green, yellow and purple.

Maintenance is relatively low, but to make sure that your diffuser remains clean without build up of bacteria, mildew or mould in the vibration mechanism, carefully rinse the water tank with some warm water and a little bit of vinegar. Dry thoroughly.

Create a calm and relaxing environment with Plant Therapy Nova Fuse USB Diffuser. Plant Therapy also have a beautiful range of high quality 100% pure essential oils and natural carrier oils.

Kick Back and Relax!