Popular Essential Oils for Acne Treatment & Removing Blemishes.

Essential oils are primarily used for our well being and pain relief, but can also be used to help fight skin complaints. There are some skin types that can be extremely sensitive to the environmental changes around us. This can cause stress with a build up of excessive oil under the skin and trigger unwanted skin conditions, such as blemishes and acne.

Acne is a very painful condition because the infection will travel deeply into the skin. Not only is the pain associated with red, tender bumps full of pus, the physical and emotional side affects can be rather challenging for most people.

The benefit of an essential oil can help to eliminate blemishes and acne and keep your skin clear and healthy. Others often use medication for the treatment of skin conditions, although it may cause side affects. Without having to use harsh treatments, the beauty of an essential oil is that it’s non-greasy and will not clog the pores on your skin.

You’ll find that most popular acne products are diluted with a moisturizer, cream or a mild oil with small amounts of essential oil. You can often detect the fragrance in some creams that you purchase over the counter. Essential oils have been used for their therapeutic effects for years and are of great benefit for healthy, smooth looking skin whilst radiating a fresh glow to your facial features.

Essential Oils are very potent and must be diluted before use. My preference is 5ml Jojoba Carrier Oil to 1-2 drops of essential oil. This will provide medicinal advantages, especially when your skin breaks out. These oils will encourage oxygen and bring nutrients to the skin to help fight off any blemishes.

All you Need is 1-2 Drops of Essential Oil mixed with 5ml of  Jojoba Carrier Oil for Break Outs!

Clary Sage Essential Oil 

In skin care, Clary Sage contains anti-bacterial properties and will help to regulate sebum production, tone the skin, reduce acne inflammation and is often used for hormonal imbalance. Clary Sage can play an active part in acne and blemishes because it’s known to imitate your body’s own hormones and behave as a forerunner giving the body an opportunity to balance its hormones.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

Eucalyptus is highly effective in treating minor cuts, wounds, skin infections, insect bites, boils and acne due to its natural antiseptic property with antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It will assist your body to fight off unsightly blackheads whilst removing dirt and oils and leaving your skin fresh and clear.

Lavender Essential Oil 

Lavender can also be used to help fight and prevent acne due to its antibacterial properties. It unclogs the pores on your skin and reduces inflammation. Lavender is good for the skin and it can calm your mind and soothe your muscles from stress and anxiety during the day. Mix one drop of lavender oil with a drop of argan oil or coconut oil and put it directly onto a pimple twice daily.

Lemon Essential Oil 

Lemon is one of the best known to treat and clear up blemishes and acne. It contains antibacterial properties and a natural astringent that doesn’t dry out the skin. Your skin can be restored to its natural balance with the citrus effects of the lemon. When applying the oil, make sure that you don’t get too much sun exposure as this may cause the skin to discolour.

Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh is an ancient oil that was used as a balm for treating sores and scars. It’s also used to treat acne break outs and skin rashes. Myrrh works wonders for both oily and dry skin and restores skin cells and damaged skin. It has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties and has a variety of uses, including the elimination of acne bacteria and warts.

Patchouli Essential Oil 

Patchouli contains restorative healing properties and works very well for those with oily skin and acne sufferers. It’s calming fragrance can be used to fight off a variety of skin conditions, including rashes and scarring.

I love it when my Oils Kick In!