Edens Garden got it nailed when it comes to Essential Oils!

The perfect potion and very pleasing to the nose!

Edens Garden is one of my favourite brands having curated (140) Individual Essential Oils without synthetics, fillers, additives and bases. What you will notice with this product is the aroma – it’s devine!  With 100% pure, unadulterated oil the intense fragrance will captivate the senses and trigger positive emotions. The aroma actually interacts with the limbic system where studies have been shown that emotions and feelings are prompted by scent.

How do I choose an Essential Oil?

The essential oil that you select will ultimately hinge around what your purpose is – do you want it to alleviate anxiety or do you need something to uplift your mood etc. You won’t find just one specific blend to use for a particular condition. For example, essential oils such as; basil, chamomile, frankincense and lavender all have a calming effect, whereas bergamot and peppermint oil are uplifting and stimulating.

Explore, enjoy and be inspired.

Edens Garden pre-mixed Synergy Blends

Oil UP, Buttercup!

Not only does Edens Garden provide individual essential oils, they’ve perfected the art of their very own pre-mixed Synergy Blends that cater for a range of uses, from encouraging calm and relaxation to boosting energy. If you’re unsure how to mix your own blends or just simply looking for that ultimate convenience, explore their exceptional Synergy Range. Edens Garden have at least (80) pre-mixed blends and always coming up with new varieties.

How easy is that?

If you’re thinking about purchasing the Synergy range, we’ve created a short list of our favourites.

Edens Garden BE STILL Synergy Blend Essential Oil 10ml (Frankincense, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Citus, West Indian Sandalwood, Sandalwood, Rose and Osmanthus) The Be Still Blend soothes anxiety and stress, improves skin's appearance and promotes relaxation and meditation.
Edens Garden GUARDIAN Synergy Blend Essential Oil 10ml (Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Cinnamon Leaf, Eucalyptus and Rosemary) The Guardian blend boosts immunity, supports cold and flu symptoms, sanitises and disinfects and supports detoxification process.
Edens Garden COCOA ROSE Synergy Blend Essential Oil 10ml (Peru Balsam, Copaiba, Linaloe Wood, Cocoa CO2, Jasmine and Vanilla CO2) The Cocoa Rose Blend helps and aids your immune system, promote sounder sleep, boost respiration, function as an aphrodisiac and so much more.
Edens Garden GOOD NIGHT Synergy Blend Essential Oil Pk (Lavender, Sweet Majoram, Chamomile, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Key Lime & Vanilla)) The Good Night Blend is perfect to snuggle into the sheets and wrapping up in soft blankets as the day melts away. Before you toss and turn, try letting Good Night's gentle aroma soothe you to sleep. A pleasantly cozy blend that promotes calm and rest.
Edens Garden COCOA VANILLA Synergy Blend Essential 30ml (Cocoa and Vanilla CO2) Not only is this luscious chocolate and soothing synergy combination ideal to eliminate anxiety and stress, it will fill your home with the cozy, homey scent of freshly baked cookies or treat yourself to a warm tub of soothing and delicious pure cocoa and vanilla bean extracts.
Edens Garden BLISS Synergy Blend Essential 10ml (Orange, Clove Bud, Star Anisse, Lemon Myrtle, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Ginger and Cinnamon Bark and Zdravets essential oils) The Bliss Synergy is entirely pure and promotes feelings of joy and levity. Diffuse it everyday to promote positivity in your home. Its fresh and spicy aroma can reinvigorate your mood while inspiring you to move forward.