7 ways to diffuse Aromatic Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is nature’s way to improve our mental wellbeing and physical state. This worldly naturopathic therapy delivers wonderfully, relaxing benefits of pleasurable essential oils by inhalation and absorption through our skin.

1. Ultrasonic Diffusion

Ultrasonic Diffusers in Australia are a very popular trend these days due to its ultrasonic technology. This electric device uses high frequency vibrations so that the water and oil is delivered as a fine, cool mist. This type of system will humidify and purify the air whilst protecting the therapeutic properties of essential oil and leaving your room smelling fresh and delicious. This device is very handy to reduce allergens, pollutants, mould, dust or anything bacterial in the air we breathe. It’s also extremely safe because it does not use heat, at all.

2. Electric Heat Diffusion

As the name suggests, this popular diffuser is often used as a humidifier and operates with a heat element to assist water and oil evaporation. The heat process can damage the therapeutic quality of the oils, so it’s safe to say that the above ultrasonic version is also safer when little ones are in the room.

3. Tea Light Diffusion

The Tea Light Diffusion method is very pretty to look at. It glows and adds ambience to your room. The tea light candle is placed underneath a bowl that is filled with a mixture of water and oil. Once the candle is lit, the water will protect the oil properties from heat damage.

4. Evaporative Diffusion

These days, evaporative diffusers are considered antiquated technology. It holds the aromatic oil in a highly absorbent wick with an internal fan that blows on the wick. Without using any heat, it gradually forces the oils through a natural evaporation process. This diffuser is not unlike other humidifying processes, although this one in particular may be difficult to clean and also works a lot harder than it needs to.

5. Terra Cotta/Pottery Diffusion

Who doesn’t love this natural material? A small unglazed pot made from clay can be the perfect decor to diffuse some of your favourite essential oils. This product is absolutely porous and perfect to absorb the oils. Hang your earthy diffuser on a warm and sunny verandah, or window. I just love the wiff when I walk past.

6. Spray Diffusion

DIY with a simple mixture of water and aromatic oil to provide a synthetic-free aroma in your room. Shake the bottle well before use so that the oil is evenly dispersed in the water.

7. Crafts Diffusion

You can use almost anything to diffuse your aromatic oils, including crafts such as: – homemade potpourri, cloth, wax sachets, paper drawer lining and more!

What kind of Ultrasonic Diffuser do I need?

Essential Oil Diffusion can be the best natural alternative air filtration system for your home, whilst adding a gorgeous aroma without harmful and destructive chemicals. Research has exhibited that oil diffusion eradicates harmful airborne micro-organisms. There are several popular methods for diffusing your oils, but my preferred method is Ultrasonic Diffusion.

An ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is very quiet and uses ultrasonic vibration technology to divide water and oil. This will then produce a very cool and fine mist into the air, without the use of fans or heat. The oil evaporates with tiny vibrations and elevates into the air for maximum wellness. There are many beautiful designs and sizes to choose from, including LED lamp lights to create ambience in your room. This device is effective, safe and easy to use.

The only difference with this type of diffuser are the aesthetics, including the size of the tank. It just boils down to personal preference really. They’re also the ideal decorative piece to match the decor in your home.

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